The Different Kinds of Drug Rehab in New Hampshire

Rehab Programs based on Type of Addiction

The first classification of drug rehab in New Hampshire is on the basis of the type of addiction the person is in. Depending on what kind of dependency it is, the person may be put into a cocaine drug rehab, marijuana drug rehab, methamphetamine drug rehab or a heroin drug rehab in New Hampshire. Each of these centers will have a specific kind of program depending on the kind of addiction for which the treatment is sought.

Most people quite erroneously think that all kinds of drugs are the same. This is definitely not the case. Each and every drug has a specific action on the body, which depends on the chemical class they belong to. For example, heroin is an opioid and methamphetamine is an amphetamine drug. These two react in totally different ways on the body. Opioids are much more devastating to the body in the long run, while the amphetamines are known for their short term effects of producing the very extreme sensation of euphoria. Due to these reasons, it becomes very important to chalk out different treatment methods for them.

This is an important point for you to remember too. When you are scouting for a drug rehab in New Hampshire, make sure that it is licensed for the kind of addiction you need treatment for. As a simple example, if you are looking for heroin addiction treatment, it is vitally important that the treatment center must have qualification to dispense heroin addiction treatment. Even the treatment providers must be well-versed with heroin addiction treatment and must have credentials for the same.

Rehab Programs based on Age of Patients

You will find a lot of rehab treatment programs in New Hampshire that are dependent on the age of the patient that is entering treatment there. There are treatment centers that are targeted for adolescents and teenagers and for people who have crossed 65 years of age. These juvenile and senior drug rehabs in the state will have diametrically different approaches towards the treatment.

In addition, there are rehab programs for other sections of people such as the working people, women who are either pregnant or are lactating, etc. These special programs help to address special situations of the people. The programs that are for the working people, for example, will try not to isolate the patient into the treatment center. Something like the day treatment program would be implemented in which the person has to visit the treatment center for a few hours each day and seek treatment, while the rest of the day would be free for the person to follow other pursuits of life.

There are several other kinds of special drug rehab in New Hampshire that depend on the ethnicity of the person, rare health conditions, mental sicknesses, etc. Each of these special rehabs makes it a point to answer the addiction with a different perspective, which is more suited to the kind of person who is checking in for treatment at the particular center. It is wise to look for such focused options and consider them for addiction treatment if you need one.